Every business has its own terms and conditions on the basis of which such enterprises have stood. By agreeing to such terms and conditions, the users automatically get linked with the services, rules & regulations of the business enterprise. You can read the rules and regulations about the services of business enterprise in detail from our website if you don’t agree to abide by the terms & conditions. Ace Global Solutions is our website which has now become famous for our services in the entire marketplace. If you explore our website and have some requirements then you need to understand that all our terms and conditions have been formulated only for the betterment of our services.

What rights do we reserve?

As the concerned owners of Ace Global Solutions, we have complete authority to do modifications as required. These modifications could either be made occasionally/purposely within certain time intervals or might be at any time whenever required. A regular change in such terms and conditions is obviously necessary from the business point of view as the business has always a dynamic environment. It is not always necessary that you guys may get a notice prior to such changes as you might have already agreed to such a framing of our policies. It is thus, recommended to all the users to keep checking our website and its related concerns to keep yourself updated. The privacy of Ace Global Solutions is always maintained and controlled by a legal agreement.

What are the general terms listed on Ace Global Solutions?

What Ace Global Solutions exactly is? This is what you exactly need to understand first before starting your navigation or exploring further. Ace Global Solutions is basically an IT based company which is legally registered and properly based in India. As it is an IT-based company, we offer you different services such as project management, content writing, SEO, SMO, and designing, etc. We have many development and operational centers all over India where all such activities and projects are executed and managed. We normally work from 10 AM to 6 PM, IST, from Monday to Friday. We totally understand the value and requirement of weekends in the life of working professionals and thus, we have kept all Sundays and alternate Saturdays as fixed off. Apart from this, we don’t work on all public holidays in India as we respect all religions and cultures.

Utilization of the website-

We don’t charge anything if you just want to explore or access our website but yes, you would have to pay the levied charges based on different services availed by you. Such a cost of communication and our efforts would be payable by you as a user. Your access might also get terminated if you will violate any of our policies. Errors may also occur during your navigation but yes, such issues would get resolved very soon without affecting your user experience at all. All the content being published on our website is subject to introduce our services of the business but such content may also get changed without any notice based on the requirement of the business. For accuracy, performance, timelie3s, suitability, or completeness, we don’t guarantee but yes, our user experience is quite satisfactory to date. We at Ace Global Solutions would never be liable for any of the errors that might occur during your navigation.

The accuracy and completeness of any information would only be your own responsibility and thus, you as a user cannot blame or sue us in any of the possible ways. It is surely our responsibility that the information about different services and products would meet your requirements at any cost otherwise, our own reputation would get affected. We highly focus on the fact that all our users must focus on using the website by the only authorized way as the unauthorized use of our website would be penalized upon you.

What about intellectual property?

We at Ace Global Solutions not represent our services to any other websites generally but if you would access any other external link or website while exploring Ace Global Solutions website then it would be your own responsibility about the safety or privacy of your data/information. If you are a first time user then it is always suggested for you to read the instructions about our privacy policies very carefully. We have still provided you an option to write to us via email in case of any issues or other concerns.

About our Intellectual Property-

What do we exactly mean by our intellectual property? By intellectual property, we directly mean the text, content, graphics, design, etc. Ace Global Solutions is a business enterprise that has been set up after a thorough study and hard work. We have thus, protected out content by the International Copyright Laws. Apart from this, all our logos and other names linked with our website are trade-marked under the legal authorities/bodies. You may not be allowed to do modifications or transmitting the content or information via aby means as all our rights are reserved.

Not only about our website, we at Ace Global Solutions respects the intellectual property of other websites and businesses too. We don’t copy the content from any of the other websites but still if you think so then you can simply mail our administration department at info@aceglobalsolution.com

About confidentiality-

We have also provided options for advertising and sponsorships. Any external sponsors can link up with our website to promote our business services as well as of yours too. We understand the value of confidentiality which is highly important from a business point of view. For a better establishment, execution, and maintenance, confidentiality of data and all information is very important to be maintained. You need not worry about the safety and privacy of your data as our administration authorities are very well concerned about your data privacy. It is thus, suggested to you guys to read the policies, terms, and conditions very carefully before agreeing to any consent.

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