As this is an internet era, people surf the internet for each and every single work. Now, we are talking about the privacy policy of the website. While exploring the website, you guys automatically provide us a bunch of information. Now, what we do with this information? We are here talking about the website of Ace Global Solutions. The owners give you an assurance of protecting all your information safely and securely. The company always ensures its users about the safety and protection of your information.

What information do we collect basically?

Nothing very critical but yes, some of your basic information has been asked so as to identify you easily whenever you will visit the website again in the future. Your personal information basically leads to these basic details including your-

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Valid home address
  • Contact number
  • Occupation
  • Title
  • Personal interests
  • Industry

Why do we gather such information?

Different websites may ask you to provide different types of information for various reasons but we usually demand such information to understand your exact needs and requirements. Why you are exploring the website? What exactly you want from this website? We try to identify the answers to these common questions by gathering your basic information. All such activities are done only to enhance the user experience and to provide you the better services than usual.

We focus on gathering such information to keep the records internally. This information will then be used further to improve our overall products and services. This information is also be used to develop new mailers or newsletters to promote our business services. The email addresses of our users are helpful for us in this promotion activity. We have a proper market research team as well in which the staff is highly focused on searching out different methodologies and technologies based on changing market demands. The same update then passes onto all our users on their provided mail addresses. We use this information to do better research and for customization purposes as well.

We focus on the user’s consent-

Sharing of any of your information would be done only after getting your consent. Ace Global Solutions is one of the most reputed IT-based websites where all our resellers and other third-party partners connect with each other to fulfill or exchange their nerds and requirements. Different other activities such as sending emails, storing of data, order fulfillment, and processing of your credit card payments. Several other functions are also there which are performed internally but not without the consent of the users.

On the other hand, Ace Global Solutions also takes care of the safety and existence of its business and thus, can reveal the identity of any user who might be harming the business or interfering with any of the possible means. The owners have a complete right of revealing the personal information of any user but only when it is required according to law. To keep the business away from any law enforcement, it is necessary for the concerned authorities to take care of the immediate actions to be taken. It directly or indirectly focuses on the safety of your data as well.

How the utilization of cookies is done?

Cookies are basically the collections which are majorly used by the technical websites to maintain their records and to enhance their services further. In other words, a very small sized file is known as a cookie which usually needs permission to be placed or inserted in the hard drive of the computer. After getting your positive consent, such cookies help the business to analyze the exact traffic that is coming/hitting the website directly or indirectly. Such cookies also allow the other external applications to respond to you quickly as an individual by tailoring all its operations. Keep this thing in your mind that your preferences are always considered as the very first priority for the concerned authorities of Ace Global Solutions.

Which pages have been used or explored you, it can also be identified or analyzed very easily with the help of these cookies. We highly focus on improving our website services to offer you tailor-made options only. Overall, cookies are a type of storage system for any business that helps it to expand more by improving its services and user experience. It helps us to monitor the useful and not useful pages or apps that could be uninstalled or removed from the website. It is still your choice whether you would accept or decline the option of cookies but it is our duty to give you an assurance on the safety of your data or information.

How your information can help us link to other websites?

Isn’t it shocking or quite confusing? Yes, it might be but don’t panic. There are always some pages, apps, or other data that might be linked up with a particular website and yes, we have also created such links. It is still in your hands whether you leave our website without deleting the navigation data or not. Your information would be kept safely on our website and we do not guarantee its safety if you would access the other links created with the website.

How to provide information?

Different websites may ask you to provide a bulk of information data but you need not get worried as there are some specific ways or methods by which you can control the information you are giving to any website. Now, how you can secure your information to not get leaked by anyway?

While filling up any form or signing up, you must always tick the option that might be reflecting very small words in a box, i.e., you do not want your information to be shared or used by any third party users or agents.

You cannot change such privacy settings if you have already connected with us and given your consent previously but still, you can request us by writing an email specifying your issue or requirement addressing the concerned authorities.

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