Get your servers to build up in the way you want

with Ace Global Solution

You can now invest for a physical server that is completely yours and there is no one to share your resources. You will get the best-dedicated servers from Ace Global Solutions with same day setup and 99.99% uptime.

All the servers are available with the Super Micro blade along with many variants. There are two hard disks available making sure that even if one of them breaks down the data is still there safe and intact and the server will be up and running.

Features of the available servers

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Free migration

If you are looking to transfer the existing servers then it is completely free and very simple to do. There is an extra charge for doing the installation setup and also no hidden charges.

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Server management options

You can now manage your servers the way you want. We have three options for management including basic, complete and user-responsible. It is up to you about how much control you are looking for in for your server.

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Optimized network

Now no more slow loading speeds and extended downtimes will be there. With Ace Global Solution, you get the best dedicated servers that will operate on best- powered networks separately and are having the ability to handle any huge amount of traffic efficiently.

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Airtight security

The private peering based network will now be completely stable in connectivity and you will feel more secure. The complete server management feature lets the experts keep an eye on the server and monitor routinely to assist in case of any issues.

Deployment services

You can now get your servers up and run in no time. We have the facility of quick server provisioning within a fraction of seconds. You can then select the operating system that works best for you. We have the option of multiple operating systems including Ubuntu, Debian, and fedora, etc. You can choose the management panel as per your choice.

Give your business the power it needs with the best available prices with us.

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