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The web is a dangerous place as there are many cyber criminals present to hack your site. The thieves and other threats are available online. It is important for the site owners to protect themselves as well as their customers from any cyber- attacks. We at Ace Global Solutions offer the best security services in India to the domain owners as well as the SSL certificates for the protection of visitors’ data.

Security services available with us

We understand the importance of your privacy and how it matters to gain potential customers. We offer the below mention security services for all our clients:

UI/UX Website Designing Services in Delhi

VPN services

Ace Global Solutions offers the best VPN services which are completely secure, reliable and fast. You can now protect the privacy of your data and stay safe with our VPN services even on the public networks. You can easily hide your sensitive data and change the virtual location.


Privacy protection

The privacy protection services provided by us keep the contact information of the domain owner out of the public database. These plans are available with us at highly affordable rates and we also have many customized plans as well.

UI/UX Website Designing Services in Delhi
UI/UX Website Designing Services in Delhi

Premium DNS

We understand the importance of DNS uptime for the online business. This is the reason we offer the Premium DNS services at highly affordable rates. With the globally available DNS based services, you can now take advantage of secured services all around you.


SSL certificate

SSL certificate is one of the best ways to safeguard the data and identity of your customers and protect the site from any thefts. We have a wide range of SSL products available with us for basic to all the in-depth validations for multiple sites.

UI/UX Website Designing Services in Delhi

Why choose us for security?

We are committed towards providing a safe and secured network for all our clients. Some of the factors that can let you trust us are as mentioned below:

  • Complete protection for you. The topnotch 2-factor authentication services keep your accounts completely safe and sound.
  • With SSL, you get complete security for your customers. The SSL certificate provides the required data protection that is demanded by your customers.
  • Our support team is available 24/7 round the corner to help you.
  • You will get the basic to advanced SSL products for single or multiple sites as per the requirements.
  • There will be no leakage of information from any of your browsing activities.

Get a trusted SSL certificate from Ace Global Solutions in a fraction of minutes and boost the ranking of your website today.

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